Boris Johnson vs Jeremey Hunt/Cunt

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Boris Johnson vs Jeremey Hunt/Cunt

Post by herb » Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:12 pm

I'm really embarrassed.

I took the piss royal when the septics voted in the talking bigoted wig.

Now it looks like Britain will be run buy a guy who looks like a badly ironed duvet that's had a stroke, like a haystack that's fallen onto a babboon's arse, like a blow dried over-fed dandelion. It's either him, or the prick that single handedly fucked the NHS so much so, that if he ever went to A&E he would just become another "statistic" (dead).

And yet everyone sits back and says "oh well". no wonder the cunts get away with what they like, when they like, they're accountable to no-one. I read in the Law Society Gazette that it's okay for politicians to lie during an election!

I think that whoever of these two win, we're fucked. It would be lovely to see all career politicians removed and replaced by people for the people, I genuinely don't care if that's by voting, by force, or somewhere in between, but this country is soon to be well and truly fucked ...unlesss you're rich of course :thumbs: (or don't pay tax, or don't need the NHS, or don't need the police/ambulances/fire service/armed services)

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