Austrian GP meltdown

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Austrian GP meltdown

Post by herb » Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:40 pm

well it was a daaaamn hot weekend!

This has to be the first race this year I watched all the way through (okay, the highlights on Channel 4) and thought it was a really good race! :thumbs:

Obviously Max Verstappen (or McStappen as the William Hill employee put on my betting slip for the drivers championship at the start of the season) had an amazing race, he was soooo fast can you imagine his lead if he'd had a good start? Honda seem to be getting back up there with their engine which is great to see aswell, I wondered if his "power loss" behind Bottas was true of just a bluff to dupe Mercedes :whistling: fail 3 seemed to fix it and give him full power to say the least! I read somewhere that he is allowed to keep a pancake in his helmet incase he gets hungry? :drool:

Lando Norris did really well in his McLaren aswell, a great result for him and also Carlos who came from the back of the field to well into the points :thumbs:

On the downside I'm rather worried (as is DC and Mark Webber) about the stewards, their decisions seem to be spoiling what racing there is (if anyone says it adds drama, punch them) and I feel that these decisions are not just steward related ... I believe they have had instruction to be harsher and try to cause controversy in a sly attempt to get people talking more ... which it does, we just slag of the stewards, Chase Money and all the other dicks at Liberty Media for messing about and "americanising" F1 (ie WWE but on a track). I think they keep doing it because the more they do it, the less likely people will be to complain and (like Goebels) they will keep on chipping away at the rules until there is little racing left (mostly in the name of "safety"), and as DC said, I'll be saying bye-bye if it continues.
They do it in most sports now, it's a pschological trick intended to ensure that people feel more and more that in every part of their lives they have to obey the rules, they use sports and TV to keep pushing the same subliminal messages of Big Brother/Master & servant relationship .... do what we say is right you will be rewarded, step outisde that and we will punish you, and in some cases get your peers to hate you and oust you. (I'd bet some of you have had this at work, or seen it in other sports, football is usually good for it)

On a piss taking note, how whet is Charles Le Clerc? He looks like he can't be arsed to be there most weekends. You know that old dishcloth you had, that you then used to clean the toilet as it was too dirty for dishes, then used it to clean your wellies ... that's Charles's personality that is (History Today style lol) Face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle most weekends. fast, maybe. boring cunt, without doubt :yawn: :whistling:

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